BUCKETS: 2014 Review / 2015 Preview (Mag+Poster pack)

Image of BUCKETS: 2014 Review / 2015 Preview (Mag+Poster pack)

$50.00 - On Sale

"You mean I score a copy of the magazine and I'll receive a large, glossy "Baller of the Year" poster?

That's right, imaginary consumer, you'll net your choice of both cover athlete and corresponding (cover re-print) poster in one kick-ass pack.

Want a Kevin Durant poster but the Maya Moore magazine cover? No worries. Want the reverse? That's also possible. Want a Maya Moore poster and mag cover, all good, we can do that... just let us know your preferred combination when you place your order.

Decorate your bedroom, office, garage, man-cave, local bus station, the neighbors dog, whatever, with a glossy, high-grade, cover artwork re-print... and for those times when your poster isn't in sight, you'll have a copy of the print publication to show off to the world.

Poster dimensions: A2 (16.5 x 23.4 inches).

Both the poster and publication will be printed on demand. Orders are placed the same day as any purchase is made. Please allow up to 14 days for the delivery of your magazine and poster.

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Attn: Distributors, Retailers and Stockists.

If you're interested in selling the latest edition of BUCKETS, please contact the title's Publisher, Brad Graham, via email (brad.graham.creative@gmail.com) to discuss large order discounts and your shipping details / deadlines.

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The magazine is ad free.

The RRP cover price has been established to help off set the production, postage, editing and creative costs. The publication will be printed on quality paper stock and every order from the BUCKETS BigCartel store includes postage.

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Thanks for your support / interest in BUCKETS.

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Additional magazine spreads can be viewed via visiting the Publisher's Twitter account: www.twitter.com/backpackballer